I have a daughter. She was an introvert when she was 4 years old,the other children wouldn't play with her."Mommy,I have no friends.They don't like me."She said sadly. I could feel her loneliness and sadness, and I was in a rush to help my dearest daughter out of trouble. I tried to persuade her to close with other children and dress her up as nicely as possible, but it didn't works.

Until one day my sister wore a lighted dress to a party,my daughter obsessed staring at her auntie.I saw the light in my daughter's eyes, I decided make the Light up girl dress for my daughter. My daughter loves every princess, so it took me a few month to make a lighted girl dress for my daughter.

At Christmas that year, my daughter wore this dress to the Christmas party. Undoubtedly, she became a focus. Many children took initiative to talk and play with my daughter. Since then, my daughter often shares stories about her friends with us,she has become more and more cheerful and confident. I'm so happy about the changes.

In 2010, I founded a company specializing in Light up girl dress. I hope that the girls from all over the world have a skirt that will light up,to light up their confidence and future.