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Belle Princess Costumes for Girls

A belle princess costume is the perfect choice for any little girl who dreams of being a princess. This beautiful costume features a flowing yellow dress and matching headpiece, just like the one worn by the beloved Disney princess, Belle. Whether she's dressing up for Halloween, a themed party, or just for fun, your little princess will feel like royalty in this enchanting costume.

Dress like a real princess with this Belle costume.

This Belle costume includes a pink dress with a white bodice and a blue skirt. It also comes with a matching headpiece and tiara. You can wear these accessories with any shoes you prefer.

Belle Princess Costumes

Princess Belle is a fictional character from the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast. In the movie, Belle is known for her love of books and her kind heart. She is often depicted wearing a yellow dress with a blue jacket, reflecting her kind and intelligent nature. Many girls enjoy dressing up as Belle for Halloween or for other occasions that allow for costuming. There are a variety of princess Belle costumes available for purchase online or in costume shops. Some of these costumes are official Disney products, while others are made by third-party companies.